Katalena - Ethnoambient


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Katalena is a phenomenon of a modern music scene in Slovenia, so it is claimed by many fans and music professionals. Members of Katalena have different favourite styles of music – from jazz and blues via rock to funk, yet they got together in 2001 to join their forces in discovering traditional heritage of their country thus creating new possibilities and insights of Slovenian music. They were delighted by what they found in the Institue of Ethnomusicology in Ljubljana and by listening old vinyl records and that inspired them to create their own music based on traditional chants. They recorded four albums: (Z)godbe/Stories (2002), Babje leto/Indian summer (2004) and Kmečka ohcet/Country wedding (2006), Cvik Cvak (2008). They have presented their unique performance at many cultural centres in the World, including Vienna, Tel-Aviv and New York.