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Vruja is a group of musicians who are inspired by the folk music from Istria. Some consider them pioneers of traditional music revival in Istria. Members of Vruja are aware that most of the treasure they are after is hidden in various homes of elderly people so they are often wandering around, visiting such homes and listening to those who still remember ancient chants. Vruja is also appreciating the transcripts of enthusiasts and ethnologists who saved such chants from being forgotten. Traditional music from Istria varies in style, depending whether it comes from South of from the North of Istria and Vruja presents both of those thus also showing us the richness of traditional instruments being used during their performance.

VRUJA su: Marino Kranjac (vokal, violina, dude, mandola, sopele, gitara), Alenka Kranjac (vokal, daska), Peter Kaligarič (harmonika), Rok Kleva Ivančić (violina), Gabrijel Križman (gitara, mandola, vokal) i Gorast Radojević (istarski bajs, električna bas gitara).