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Baka Beyond

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"If there has to be a definition of world music, this is it!" – once said a BBC DJ and music critic and this is the shortest and most colourful description of this band who base their creation on the tradition of Baka people from Cameroon. The members of the band derive from various cultures: Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Brittany and Great Britain. It is said that together they present an excellent combination of African rhythm and Celtic soul. The group was formed in the early nineties by Martin Cradick and Su Hart who were inspired by what they experienced in Cameroon, by melodies and rhythm of the Baka people. In order to make a fair exchange for what they’ve been given in many ways, the band is sending royalties to Baka people to help their development projects, and even touring with Baka musicians.
“…Amazing Gaelic, English and Baka vocals with powerful percussion section, rhythmic guitar and firey fiddle…”
National Geographic Live!
The regular audience of the festival Ethnoambient Salona will be delighted to find out that Malian magician from Senegal - Seckou Keita will join Baka Beyond on the stage in Solin!