Kries - Ethnoambient


Croatia |


Those who have been attending Ethnoambient Salona festival for years, know about Kries since this band started with Mojmir Novakovic (who is also the founder of the festival), Ivo Letunić and Krešimir Oreški. Since then the group has been involved in creating music for movies, documentaries and theatre plays and recorded their first album “Ivo I Mara” which launched them into international music maps and hapenings. Their second album “Kocijani” successfully followed the path of the first one and spread the news about them even more also introducing new members of the band; Andor Végh, Konrad Lovrenčić, Erol Zejnilović, Ivan Levačić and Martin Swan. Now Kries is marked as a band “whose sound can’t be compared to any other band”. Their interpretations of traditional Croatian chants enable one to get introduced with ancient messages that are capable of raising awareness about a better, more creative and more enjoyable life. "Chants never sounded so explosively good until Croatian ethno-rock band Kries hit the stage to close the second night. Their performance was hypnotic and addictive." The Star, Malaysia